Save Rural Seminole

Protect the rural boundary from habitat destruction 

What's At Risk

The Recreation

One of the largest concerns about the development of protected areas in Seminole County is the threat of pollution to the pristine Econ River. The river has been designated as an Outstanding Florida Waterway, and over-development will change it forever.

The Forest

Right now developers are trying to sacrifice 670 acres behind the rural boundary. If this is accomplished it will set a precedent for developers to build on any rural property in the Seminole County boundary.

The Wildlife

The abundance of wildlife in this area is what makes it worth protecting. From the endangered Gopher Tortoise to the reclusive Florida Panther, all have been seen in this area and their habitats are worth preserving.

The Diversity

Seminole Counties rural areas are among the most diverse wilderness areas in Florida. These environmentally sensitive lands are part of a greater wilderness corridor.


Preserve. Protect. Prevail.

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